Dark Serenity is no more
Dark Serenity existed in its original form for 10 years, but it was officially dead on the day after its 10th anniversary. The last couple of years the number of active players got reduced to a handful, and it was decided to let it die. It's been 10 wonderful years since November 28th 2006, we've got to know a lot of people from all over the world, but mainly in Europe where we also used to have yearly real life BBQ parties. We'll surely see each other again whenever we visit places close to old guildies, but World of Warcraft will no longer be a part of it.


A Bit About Us
Dark Serenity is a guild mainly based on friends. We bring new friends together, help eachother out and in general there is a very close, friendly and guild-family atmosphere. Many members have their bf's / gf's in the guild, along with other family members and friends. The most important thing to us is to work together, have fun and improve friendships with all the guildies.

Want to join us?
Go to our forums to apply. You will then be contacted in game by one of the officers when they are availible for a short, friendly chat so we can dertermine how well we feel you will fit in with Dark Serenity's atmosphere.

Dark Serenity and Raiding

The Cataclysm is here and we've already started some attempts on different raid bosses. Most of us have at least one toon at level 85, the guild is already at lvl 25 and we've all had a lot of fun during the last month of new experiences. We're currently raiding in normal modes, fighting in all the current raid instances on a regular basis. Heroic dungeons are done every day, and we're chatting more than ever.

NEWSFLASH October 16th 2011: Majordomo Staghelm got rid of his split personality issues!
NEWSFLASH October 9th 2011: Baleroc's not guarding anything any more!
    Alysrazor exploded in a burst of fire!
NEWSFLASH September 4th 2011: Lord Ryolith took a wrong turn!
NEWSFLASH August 5th 2011: Beth'tilac got caught in a web of damage!
NEWSFLASH July 25th 2011: Shannox was hunted down!

NEWSFLASH July 17th 2011: Nefarian and Onyxia failed again!
    Cho'Gall died in a pool of black goo!
    Al'Akir fell down from the skies!
NEWSFLASH July 14th 2011: Occu'thar ate his last prisoner!
NEWSFLASH July 6th 2011: Conclave of Wind wiped!
NEWSFLASH June 12th 2011: Chimaeron was killed!
    Atramedes gonged the final gong!
NEWSFLASH May 23rd 2011: The Twilight Ascendant Council experienced a monstrosious death!
NEWSFLASH February 21st 2011: Valiona and Theralion shared their death!
NEWSFLASH February 17th 2011: Maloriak got cooked!
NEWSFLASH February 9th 2011: Halfus Wyrmbreaker broke!
NEWSFLASH January 16th 2011: Magmaw got spiked!
    The Omnitrom defense system is offline!
NEWSFLASH January 7th 2011: Argaloth was cast back to his little pit!

The Cataclysm expansion is about to hit us, and we've just managed to kill all the current bosses in the game. We're still going to ICC and RS to let more people become kingslayers and dragonslayers, but as usual a lot of people have started thinking and preparing for another levelling process.
As the guild is fairly casual, we're aiming on one raid every 3 days when we're at 85, but will also go to instances and quest a bit and chat a lot.

NEWSFLASH November 21st 2010: Halion is dead in both realms!

NEWSFLASH November 7th 2010: Icecrown Citadel cleared!
    The Lich King is dead! Long live the Lich King!

NEWSFLASH July 25th 2010: Sindragosa drew her last breath!
    The Blood Queen does not bite... anymore
NEWSFLASH Summer 2010: We only have Lich king left now both in 25 and 10 man, but as we have been using pugsels to create the groups, we're not counting this as guild kills.
NEWSFLASH April 11th 2010: The Blood Council made a bloody mess on the floor!
NEWSFLASH April 1st 2010: Professor Putricide turned to goo!
    Valithria Dreamwalker saved from the clutches of death!
NEWSFLASH March 28th 2010 25 man: Lady Deathwhisper uttered her last whispers!
    High Overlord Saurfang took the gunship crash-course!!
NEWSFLASH March 21st 2010: Ulduar cleared!
    Yogg'Saron no longer controls Ulduar!

NEWSFLASH March 11th 2010 25 man: Marrowgar crumbled before us!
NEWSFLASH March 7th 2010: Rotface turned into green goo!
NEWSFLASH February 8th 2010 25 man: Toravon the Ice Watcher stumbled and fell dead!
NEWSFLASH February 6th 2010: Toravon the Ice Watcher was easily killed!
NEWSFLASH February 1st 2010 25 man: Onyxia will have no more whelplings!
    The Northrend beasts all died!
    Lord Jaraxus was defeated!
    We beat the horde champions!
NEWSFLASH January 31st 2010: Festergut got gutted!
NEWSFLASH January 11th 2010 25 man: Auriaya sleeps with the cats.
    Hodir is no longer giving us the cold shoulder!
NEWSFLASH January 8th 2010: We brought death to Deathbringer Saurfang!
NEWSFLASH January 4th 2010 25 man: The Iron Council won't give any more council.
    Kologarn made another perfect bridge!
NEWSFLASH December 28th 2009: Lady Deathwhisper stood no chance!
    Some horde on a gunship crashed to the ground!
NEWSFLASH December 21st 2009: Lord Marrowgar was decapitated x 4!
NEWSFLASH December 7th 2009 Hardmode: The Northrend beasts have been skinned!
NEWSFLASH November 30th 2009 25 man: Razorscale fell from the skies!
    Ignis crumbled before us!
    XT-002 Deconstructor broke apart.
NEWSFLASH October 26th 2009 25 man: Koralon the flame watcher got extinguished!
NEWSFLASH October 3rd 2009: The Trial of the Crusader cleared!
    The Twin Val'kyr are dead together!
    Anub'arak is buried in the deep ice.
NEWSFLASH September 29th 2009: We are the new Faction Champions!
NEWSFLASH September 27th 2009: Onyxia, the broodmother should have stayed away!

NEWSFLASH September 25th 2009: Flame Levithan with 2 towers destroyed!
NEWSFLASH September 20th 2009: General Vezax let us pass into madness!
NEWSFLASH September 13th 2009: The Iron Council finally decided upon dying!
    Mimiron's toys were finally broken down!
NEWSFLASH September 9th 2009: Lord Jaraxus was sent back into his portal!
NEWSFLASH September 5th 2009: Koralon the flame watcher closed his eyes!
NEWSFLASH August 28th 2009: The Northrend beasts all died!
NEWSFLASH June 11th 2009: Flame Levithan with one tower destroyed!
NEWSFLASH June 1st 2009: Thorim's power ran out!
    Hodir's finally warmed up to us!
NEWSFLASH May 25th 2009: Freya left us a big treasure!
NEWSFLASH May 20th 2009: Ignis got doused!
NEWSFLASH May 7th 2009: Auriaya downed!
NEWSFLASH May 1st 2009: Kologarn closed his eyes forever!
NEWSFLASH April 29th 2009 25 man: The Flame Levithan got stopped!
NEWSFLASH April 27th 2009: Emalon the Storm Watcher won't watch any more storms!
NEWSFLASH April 21st 2009: XT-002 Deconstructor was destroyed!
NEWSFLASH April 19th 2009 25 man: Malygos took his last breath!
NEWSFLASH April 17th 2009: The Flame Levithan is now broken!
    Razorscale fell to the ground!
NEWSFLASH March 22nd 2009 25 man: Naxxramas and Frostwyrm Lair cleared!
    Kel'Thuzad finally died his heroic death too!

NEWSFLASH March 3rd 2009 25 man: Sapphiron killed!
NEWSFLASH February 22th 2009: Sartharion and one drake both died!
NEWSFLASH February 13th 2009: Malygos finally died!

NEWSFLASH January 28th 2009 25 man: Construct wing cleared!
NEWSFLASH January 23rd 2009 25 man: Sartharion with one drake killed!
NEWSFLASH January 22nd 2009 25 man: Military wing cleared!
NEWSFLASH January 20th 2009 : Naxxramas and Frostwyrm Lair cleared!
    Sapphiron's eye are belongs to us!
    Kel'Thuzad showed to be a weakling!
NEWSFLASH January 18th 2009 : Construct wing cleared!
    Grobbulus got slimed!
    Gluth is no longer hungry!
    Thaddius lost his powers!
NEWSFLASH January 3rd 2009 25 man: Plague wing cleared!
    Spider wing cleared!
NEWSFLASH December 30th 2008 25 man: Archavon the Stone keeper crumbled before us!
NEWSFLASH December 29th 2008 : Military wing cleared!
    Instructor Razuvious got a lethal lession!
    Gothik the Harvester won't harvest anything any more!
    The Four Horsemen will have to walk the dead fields!
NEWSFLASH December 23rd 2008 25 man: Sartharion in Obsidian Sanctum killed!
NEWSFLASH December 21st 2008: Patchwerk might need a little stiching!
NEWSFLASH December 14th 2008: Sartharion in Obsidian Sanctum is cold meat now.
    Archavon the Stone Watcher lies in a pile!
NEWSFLASH December 12th 2008: Plague wing cleared!
    Heigan the Unclean lost his rythm.
    Loatheb was crit'ed to death.
NEWSFLASH December 9th 2008: Noth the Plaguebringer sleeps with his friends.
NEWSFLASH December 7th 2008: Spider wing cleared on our first try!
    Anub'Rekhan got squished!
    Grand Widow Faerlina was put to sleep.
    Maexxna didn't stand a chance!

After enjoying The Burning Crusade release and taking some time to level, we have now started to get back to business - we've got groups ready for Kara, and are gathering keys and experience from all the new instances. We try to go regularly to most of the instances in the game, both higher end and lower level for alts, either as an average lvl group or with the guild higher levels helping.

NEWSFLASH November 1st 2008: Anetheron and Kaz'rogal were sent to the other side!
NEWSFLASH October 26th 2008: Al'ar and High Astromancer Solarian both killed easily!
NEWSFLASH October 15th 2008: Pre WotLK patch applied making bosses easier.

NEWSFLASH September 26th 2008: Rage Winterchill in Mount Hyjal down in our 2nd guild try!
NEWSFLASH September 10th 2008: Void Reaver in Tempest Keep got torn apart!
NEWSFLASH September 7th 2008: Hydross the unstable is now a stable dead one!
    The Lurker below was fished and prepared for dinner!

NEWSFLASH August 18th 2008: Zul'Aman cleared!
    Zul'Jin, the last menace in Zul'Aman finally died!
NEWSFLASH July 2nd 2008: Magtheridon was easily killed!
NEWSFLASH June 6th 2008: The Hexx Lord finally beaten!
NEWSFLASH April 4th 2008: Jan'Alai is now a resident of the underworld!
NEWSFLASH February 24th 2008: Halazzi was beaten to death!
NEWSFLASH February 3rd 2008: Gruul killed!
NEWSFLASH December 9th 2007: The High King Maulgar died on our first guild-only try!
NEWSFLASH December 2nd 2007: Akil'Zon the eagle was grounded!
NEWSFLASH November 22nd 2007: Nalorakk the bear avatar in Zul'Aman went down first try!

NEWSFLASH September 16th 2007: Karazhan cleared!
   Nightbane, the last creature inhabitating Karazhan was terminated!
   We were finally able to get rid of the nether dragon Netherspite!
NEWSFLASH August 12th 2007: The demonic presence Prince Malchezaar is no longer a threat!
NEWSFLASH July 24th 2007: Terestian Illhoof and his imp army have been defeated!
NEWSFLASH July 22nd 2007: Aran should never have to worry about his shade anymore!
NEWSFLASH June 24th 2007: Romulo and Julianne may finally find each other on the other side!
NEWSFLASH June 19th 2007: We won a game of chess tonight!
NEWSFLASH June 17th 2007: We slaughtered the Big Bad Wolf!
NEWSFLASH June 12th 2007: The Curator is gone!
NEWSFLASH June 2nd 2007: Wizard of Oz event cleared!
NEWSFLASH May 27th 2007: Maiden killed!
NEWSFLASH April 29th 2007: Moroes is dead!
NEWSFLASH April 15th 2007: Attumen down!
NEWSFLASH April 10th 2007: Beastie boss went down very nicely on our first little try at Kara :)

Before The Burning Crusade we did 20 man raids on our own, and 40 man raids with our friends in Vagabonds and Angels (the alliance is called DarkAngels). As a guild we have taken down all bosses with Hakkar + fishy one in Zul'Gurub, and gone quite a bit in AQ20. MC got to farming status as alliance runs.

NEWSFLASH October 30th 2006: Ragnaros is down! (Yay for us even more!)
NEWSFLASH October 24th 2006: Hakkar is down!
(Yay for us!)
NEWSFLASH October 4th 2006: Onyxia is down!